Learn Rails Or Up Your Game with Hello Rails!

There's a ton of great resources out in the world to help you learn Ruby on Rails but sometimes, it just makes sense to pay for a course or subscription that will truly elevate your skills and understanding of not just the framework but of the entire web app experience. This is the case with Hello Rails.

Just FYI, this is my own testimonial. I am not getting paid to say any of this. I just happened to have purchased the course as I found it after following the course's developer, Andy Leverenz. Which by the way, you may have heard that name before as Andy has provided and produced, literally, tons of free tutorials and guides to help Rails developers along the way.

If you want to see some of Andy's other work, just check out Web-Crunch, the Web-Crunch video series (in itself is an incredible free gold mine of how-to videos), or his DEV channel. I think you'll see the guy has given a great deal of time and knowledge to the Rails community for free. In fact, it was his blog tutorial that really got me going with the Rails framework paving the way for this site.

Naturally, as I wanted to learn more, Andy's site Hello Rails, is what I turned to. Trust me when I tell you the $149 price point for the Master Course is well worth it. In fact, I have even seen a few coupons out there where you can subscribe cheaper, but for all the work that Andy has put into this, you would be getting a deal even without a coupon.

Now, let's talk about what it is. While there are thorough courses on education sites like Udemy, I have found none that are as easy to understand as Andy's video series. And Hello Rails not only covers most all of Rails, it also helps grasp other nuances of development. For example, many of us learn Rails basics and can make Bootstrap look OK on the front end, but wouldn't it be better to know how to use Tailwind CSS with Rails? Stuff like that is covered.

In fact, the course takes you through building a Reddit clone, albeit, even better looking. And in doing so, you will learn everything you need from building components, using JavaScript and AJAX, sending emails from your Rails app, testing in your Rails app, and integrating search. Be sure to buy the Master Course, though, so you get the bonus videos which also includes videos on adding Stripe payments support for subscriptions. 

If you ever wanted to create an app with a subscription model, this is the course that will help you do that. In fact there are 91 videos in all; you can watch them in order as you learn or go back to see the specific thing you may need help with at the moment. Plus, there is an online book included with your subscription which I find myself reverting to on my phone, often, when I need to research a topic before getting back to my code.

Another thing you get when you sign up is access to Andy's Slack channel where he's responsive to questions and helping others. Again, this course is well worth the price!


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