Deploying Rails 7 to Linode with Dokku

In this article, I will go through the steps to launch a Rails 7 app using Linode and Dokku. This should be the exact same process for other providers such as Digital Ocean or Vultr (and more not named). I chose Linode because it is super easy to setup an account and the ... read more
August 28, 2022

Postgres Cheat Sheet for Dokku

If you're using the Postgres plugin with your Dokku server, such as on Digital Ocean, you may find yourself from time to time needing to export and import data. Just recently, I went through an issue where I needed to spin up a completely new server to fix another issue a... read more
July 5, 2020

Setting up Mailgun With Rails 6 Running on Dokku

After going through documentation and trying out several options to set up mailing services on Rails apps, I settled on Mailgun. While I don't need to send a ton of email, at least yet, the pricing wasn't my first priority provided the lowest tier was either free or nomin... read more
June 25, 2020