Adding Contact Forms in Rails 7 with Mail_Form Gem

This article will walk through creating a simple contact form in your Rails 7 app such as on the Railscoder site. We'll be using the Mail-Form Gem to make this easy. First. head over to Ruby Gems and get the gemfile for Mail_Form. Then add it to your Gemfile declararion ... read more
September 15, 2022

Using Pagy Gem for Pagination in Rails 7 App

On a previous article, I showcased the Will_Paginate Gem. But since then, several other pagination gems have come about like Kaminari and now Pagy. But what makes Pagy especially a compelling choice to use is its superior performance and lower overall footprint. For a bre... read more
September 4, 2022

Deploying Rails 7 to Linode with Dokku

In this article, I will go through the steps to launch a Rails 7 app using Linode and Dokku. This should be the exact same process for other providers such as Digital Ocean or Vultr (and more not named). I chose Linode because it is super easy to setup an account and the ... read more
August 28, 2022

Adding a Favicon to Your Rails 7 App

It's super easy to do with Rails. Just make the image you would like to be your favicon. I would suggest a square png file. Then, upload the file to your app/assets/images folder. Next, add the code to display your favicon in the head section of your application layou... read more
August 27, 2022