Adding Contact Forms in Rails 7 with Mail_Form Gem

This article will walk through creating a simple contact form in your Rails 7 app such as on the Railscoder site. We'll be using the Mail-Form Gem to make this easy. First. head over to Ruby Gems and get the gemfile for Mail_Form. Then add it to your Gemfile declararion ... read more
September 15, 2022

Using Pagy Gem for Pagination in Rails 7 App

On a previous article, I showcased the Will_Paginate Gem. But since then, several other pagination gems have come about like Kaminari and now Pagy. But what makes Pagy especially a compelling choice to use is its superior performance and lower overall footprint. For a bre... read more
September 4, 2022

Deploying Rails 7 to Linode with Dokku

In this article, I will go through the steps to launch a Rails 7 app using Linode and Dokku. This should be the exact same process for other providers such as Digital Ocean or Vultr (and more not named). I chose Linode because it is super easy to setup an account and the ... read more
August 28, 2022

Adding a Favicon to Your Rails 7 App

It's super easy to do with Rails. Just make the image you would like to be your favicon. I would suggest a square png file. Then, upload the file to your app/assets/images folder. Next, add the code to display your favicon in the head section of your application layou... read more
August 27, 2022

Adding JQuery to Your Rails 6 App

In this quick tutorial, we will run down how to add JQeury to a Rails 6 app. Rails 6 has seen many improvements and one of them is that webpacker is the default engine to deploy many of the add on services and libraries in a Rails app, like JQuery. Add JQuery Via Yarn ... read more
September 17, 2020

Changing Data Column Type in Rails App to Integer From String

Sometimes you start building your app and the easiest thing is to build out your models using the string type, which becomes VARCHAR in SQL speak. But then as you start coding, you realize it would be better to have some of those columns as integers. That's what happened ... read more
August 10, 2020

Adding Tailwind CSS to Rails 6 Project

I have just started really exploring Tailwind CSS and so far, love just how customizable things are. In contrast, with Bootstrap or any other framework, you would likely need to write several custom classes to get what you want. But even the default setup for Tailwind pro... read more
July 25, 2020

Adding Open Graph Meta Data to Your Rails 6 App

If you're looking for a way to add the necessary Open Graph meta data to your Rails app, here's a quick example and tutorial to help you. Why is it important? Well one, if you plan on posting links to your content on a Facebook page, the only way Facebook gets things su... read more
July 19, 2020